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Live and Learn at the Feria in Sevilla

Here in Sevilla, Spain, we’ve timed our visit to coincide with the Feria de Abril, the famous annual spring festival of horses and bulls. (Tom provides detailed bullfighting notes and photos here.) We thought it would also involve costumes (correct) and processions (not exactly), and that we’d be swept up in the fun of it all […]

Three Days in Valencia

The start date for our house-sitting in Mazarrón, Spain, was delayed. So we spent an additional night in Madrid and then three days in Valencia before heading south from Valencia to the province of Murcia to meet our new house mates. This set of pictures were taken on Pascua Lunes in Valencia, actually the Monday […]

Back Home on the Road

On the road with my Music Shuffle. I’ll tell you the 25 songs that came up on my iPod Shuffle this week, and you tell me yours. If I complain now and then about traveling, pardon me. Besides episodes of claustrophobia, punctuated by severe annoyance at every little habit of those sitting around me (e.g. […]