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Ship Log

Three Days in Valencia

The start date for our house-sitting in Mazarrón, Spain, was delayed. So we spent an additional night in Madrid and then three days in Valencia before heading south from Valencia to the province of Murcia to meet our new house mates.

This set of pictures were taken on Pascua Lunes in Valencia, actually the Monday eight days after Easter. Each of the parishes proceeds to the cathedral, wearing their particular church medals and neighborhood garb. I’m not sure if it is marking the end of Easter season or the beginning of spring, but it is festive and involves all ages.  Following the procession there was plenty of singing and dancing and eating.

The next few photos were taken at the “City of Arts and Sciences” in Valencia, a ten-year-old complex. It’s worth the visit even without entering a building. The stunning architecture and reflection ponds house imax theaters, a science museum, aquarium and oceanography exhibits, a public space (site of concerts and tennis matches, for example), and a palace of arts.

And finally, a couple photos from wandering around and biking to the beach. The bike ride, by the way, runs through the port on part of a Formula One racetrack. Lots of action in Valencia!. Thanks to the Hotel Petit Palace Bristol in Valencia for the gratis bike use.

Two Young Girls

Mother and Children



Teen Twosome

Pascua Beauty

Ladies in Black




Science Museum and Agora

Eyeball Imax


Shadows on Stairs

Valencia Beach on a cool weekday

The Olive Thief

A Paellera for 120, bigger than both our heads


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