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Eleven Sure Signs I’m (still) in Council Bluffs, Iowa

Or, how I pass my time in the family home of my S.O. 1. I’m entering every damn contest I come across…especially if it involves travel. No worries if the entry takes hours to complete; I have plenty of time. And I’m motivated. (See #5.) 2. I’m playing not one, but four, Scrabble games via Facebook. […]

Starting with the Stomach

There’s no good place to start when writing after a pause of several months and a transition from our latest spell in Spain to our current life in the Homeland. But eating and decision-making are always in play, so here I begin. This is an actual, real-time inventory of sweets in the Council Bluffs kitchen: […]


When I was seven or eight, I was about to do my first two-week camp session. Camp Su-Wi-Ma, a Campfire Girls’ camp, was familiar to me, originally from dropping off and picking up my sister there, and later through my own camp weeks. It was only 20 miles from home, on a nice little lake, […]

Back Home on the Road

On the road with my Music Shuffle. I’ll tell you the 25 songs that came up on my iPod Shuffle this week, and you tell me yours. If I complain now and then about traveling, pardon me. Besides episodes of claustrophobia, punctuated by severe annoyance at every little habit of those sitting around me (e.g. […]