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Three Wise Monkeys of Sacred Stable in Nikko, Japan

The Three Wise Monkeys get all the attention, but the famous panel of “See/Hear/Speak No Evil” is just one of eight carved scenes depicting the arc of life.  In any case, the monkeys are incorporated into the outer face of an Edo-era stable because they were thought to protect the animals inside. The stable sits […]

Today’s Close-up: The Viamede Pigs

Just part of the local culture at Viamede Resort, where mozzarella, herbs, and perhaps even bacon are home grown.  These sweet little pigs–there were four or five–came out of their pen and sleep to greet me on my morning walk.  Once we exchanged pleasantries and they nosed around a little, they went back to bed, […]

Yoga on the Go-ga

The Traveling Yoga Show The first time I did yoga (before I knew the term was ‘practice’ yoga) was when my daughter was in middle school, maybe 1999 or so. She and her friend and I went to the gym together, and suddenly I was doing a high-speed yoga workout on a Saturday morning. It […]

Enough about Tom’s Underwear

Now that Tom’s published the Big Reveal about his travel clothing, it’s time for another viewpoint. So here’s my look at my travel look, designed for comfort, effortless pass through airport security, and adaptability to climate change.* *(I refer to the old-fashioned climate changes one encounters in the course of a long traveling day or […]

Just In From the Country, Arriving in San Sebastian

I felt so at home out in the country with the horses and sheep and messy dog, that our arrival in San Sebastián was sort of a shock. We stepped off the bus near a large roundabout with a big fountain in the center, consulted our phones, and found we were just around the corner […]