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Haiku: Two Sets of Questions


Five Haiku Questions:

Who offers haiku
To whom when a child outlives
Her two parents

What child listens to
Elders without resistance
An opposite pole

Where did the story
slip loose now coated with ash
And altered by time

When will memories
Become blossoms like faces
Sunning together

Why can’t I hear you
In the haiku of ageless
Birdsongs and flowers

Five Haiku Questions:

Who offers haiku
To whom when parents outlive
Poetic license

What child listens to
Parents without pockets of
Skeptical laughter

Where turns the trusted
shoulder once shared, now she’s stood
Up to ache alone

When will self esteem
Be done with old songs, tuned to
Its fruitful future

Why can’t I hear you,
Bending to your voice, playing
And now replaying

[Note: these haiku were partly inspired by seeing the Three Wise Monkeys and the others in a series of panels in the Toshogu Temple in Nikko, Japan.


3 Responses to “Haiku: Two Sets of Questions”

  1. Hope you’ll publish a collection of your haiku someday.

    Posted by Ann Loar Brooks | October 12, 2013, 3:46 am
    • Oh, Ann, you’re sweet. I was thinking I shouldn’t even have published these on my site, because they were pretty ‘seat-of-the-pants.’ So I appreciate the read and response! I’m generally bouncing between travel and ‘other’ writing. How’s your book coming along?

      Posted by khenning | October 12, 2013, 7:03 am


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