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Haiku: Two Sets of Questions

Five Haiku Questions: Child Who offers haiku To whom when a child outlives Her two parents What child listens to Elders without resistance An opposite pole Where did the story slip loose now coated with ash And altered by time When will memories Become blossoms like faces Sunning together Why can’t I hear you In […]

The Mazarrón Haiku

1. Four lucky dogs live Because she rescued them and No one’s shot them yet.   2. Neighbors hate the dogs Who bark at neighbors’ talking And at cats stalking.   3. Cigarette smoke dwells On dog hair, broken hardware, Windblown doors, gnawed bones.   4. In Mazarrón, wind Climbs the dusty roads, spreading Chalk […]

Six Haiku, December 2011

My haiku warm-up exercises turned into multi-day workshops. I could keep fiddling with these things indefinitely. Here, so I can move on to something else: In our jet cocoon Silk strands floating behind us A tensile trail home Your body deprived Goes numb, the dragging foot draws Warped lines of anguish Camino soundtrack: Clicking sticks, […]