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When I was seven or eight, I was about to do my first two-week camp session. Camp Su-Wi-Ma, a Campfire Girls’ camp, was familiar to me, originally from dropping off and picking up my sister there, and later through my own camp weeks. It was only 20 miles from home, on a nice little lake, […]

Back Home on the Road

On the road with my Music Shuffle. I’ll tell you the 25 songs that came up on my iPod Shuffle this week, and you tell me yours. If I complain now and then about traveling, pardon me. Besides episodes of claustrophobia, punctuated by severe annoyance at every little habit of those sitting around me (e.g. […]

Is it too late to change my mind?

To hear Monica McCarthy tell it, one should have a grip on ones core values before making big decisions. She should know. This past year she suspended her acting career and cancelled her wedding. So I started thinking about big decisions in my life and the core values I hold. Core values. Hmmm. Is it […]