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Crema de Limón (Lemon Cream Recipe)

Our first visit to the town of Santander (capitol of Cantabria, Spain) was a quick one. Parking the 4×4 truck in an underground parking garage proved to be the biggest adventure, since we couldn’t bend the vehicle through the ramps. But once we stashed the car, we walked through the great Mercado de la Esperanza, […]

Starting with the Stomach

There’s no good place to start when writing after a pause of several months and a transition from our latest spell in Spain to our current life in the Homeland. But eating and decision-making are always in play, so here I begin. This is an actual, real-time inventory of sweets in the Council Bluffs kitchen: […]

Food Finds on the Costa Cálida

In a region of Spain where many of the cafes are specifically by and for the British tourists and expats, we’ve made a point to seek out some extraordinary and authentic restaurants in this region of Murcia. Mazarrón, in the southeast corner of Spain, is not known for its cuisine – although it is for […]

Breakfasts in Bali

One of my favorite childhood Christmas memories is not related to the presents or Christmas dinner, but to the breakfasts we’d have between tearing through Santa’s stockings and opening gifts from under the tree. It was a welcome break in the action. My mother baked fresh cinnamon rolls every Christmas, and later, when our appetites […]

Good Eats in Santiago

There are just a few spots in Santiago that we’ve visited repeatedly in the three months we’ve lived here. One is Normandie, which we discovered early on when we were still in the Hotel Presidente in Providencia. Conveniently located on Calle Providencia 1234, between Santander and Manuel Montt metro stops, this cozy place is divided […]