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  • Today’s Close-Up: Oxford Knit Bombing

    Today’s Close-Up: Oxford Knit Bombing

    As we walked around Oxford, we learned that we were visiting during exams.  Students wore black robes (the length varying depending on their level of studies) with carnation boutonnieres. White means first exam, red means last, and pink is everything in between. These knit flowers hung above the many bikes chained to the fence. Study […]

  • Black Orchid of Belize

    Black Orchid of Belize

    The black orchid blossoms are so small, at first glance I thought they were spent. Barely bigger than my thumbnail, these show a deep maroon color. We’re in a hotel of the same name. The Black Orchid Resort is about a half hour from Belize City and lies along the Belize river.  These flowers were […]