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Today’s Close-Up: Oxford Knit Bombing

Knit Bombing at Radcliffe Square, Oxford

Knit Bombing at Radcliffe Square, Oxford

As we walked around Oxford, we learned that we were visiting during exams.  Students wore black robes (the length varying depending on their level of studies) with carnation boutonnieres. White means first exam, red means last, and pink is everything in between. These knit flowers hung above the many bikes chained to the fence. Study break? Prayer beads?


2 Responses to “Today’s Close-Up: Oxford Knit Bombing”

  1. Hi Kris. Its Jude Slamin Ellson here! Sounds like you and Tom are living the dream! I’m retiring in August, a grandmother to the wonderful Sofia (aged 1) and would offer you a bed if I had one. Which I don’t, sadly. I live in Manchester. My email address is judithellson123@btinternet.com. I was thinking of you yesterday as I watched Gene Kelly’s Singing In The Rain. I remember watching it with you in Minneapolis in 1974! (Your dancing was rather good!)

    Posted by Jude | June 23, 2013, 9:54 am
    • Jude, Great to hear from you. We are incredibly lucky to be doing what we are doing. We’ve been on the road for three years, longer than I expected, and still with lots of interest in seeing more. We love the opportunities we’ve had to stay in one place for a month or more (house-stting or renting). But as long as we take our time, we might keep on keeping on this way for a while more. We would liked to have seen you — and have fond memories of passing through Chester (or close to that right)? But we avoided the big cities of the Midlands and headed straight to the scenery around York and Hadrian’s Wall. Meanwhile, we’ve switched most of our travel blogging to http://www.TravelPast50.com. Keep in touch.

      Posted by khenning | June 26, 2013, 4:55 pm

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