Month: June 2013

  • Today’s Close-up: Wicklow Gap, Ireland

    Do you recognize the scenery? After much racking of brain and tearing out of hair, we discovered the movie that was filmed here at Wicklow Gap. Drum roll…with Matthew McConaughey…2002…Reign of Fire!* Ha, I’d never heard of it either. In fact, Wicklow Gap is gorgeous and was the route through the mountains from the central […]

  • Today’s Close-up: The Viamede Pigs

    Just part of the local culture at Viamede Resort, where mozzarella, herbs, and perhaps even bacon are home grown.  These sweet little pigs–there were four or five–came out of their pen and sleep to greet me on my morning walk.  Once we exchanged pleasantries and they nosed around a little, they went back to bed, […]

  • Today’s Close-Up: Oxford Knit Bombing

    Today’s Close-Up: Oxford Knit Bombing

    As we walked around Oxford, we learned that we were visiting during exams.  Students wore black robes (the length varying depending on their level of studies) with carnation boutonnieres. White means first exam, red means last, and pink is everything in between. These knit flowers hung above the many bikes chained to the fence. Study […]