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Listening in Segovia

A valuable and unusual week in our travels almost got lost in the commotion between house sitting in Cantabria, Spain, and our return to the States. It was very simple: we spent a week in Segovia, talking. For 15-16 hours a day for six days in early February we conversed in English with Spanish adults […]

Sonnet 4: Brubeck’s Gone

Brubeck’s gone now or missing _ a beat Brief as any backward glance _ disguised With inhaled pause words like ‘Oui’ _ replete As a thought caught, considered _ surmised.   Riding an updraft in five _ four time Like a finch that bobs and floats _ between Nine quick wingbeats, a suspense _ sublime […]

Just In From the Country, Arriving in San Sebastian

I felt so at home out in the country with the horses and sheep and messy dog, that our arrival in San Sebastián was sort of a shock. We stepped off the bus near a large roundabout with a big fountain in the center, consulted our phones, and found we were just around the corner […]