Month: October 2012

  • Eleven Sure Signs I’m (still) in Council Bluffs, Iowa

    Eleven Sure Signs I’m (still) in Council Bluffs, Iowa

    Or, how I pass my time in the family home of my S.O. 1. I’m entering every damn contest I come across…especially if it involves travel. No worries if the entry takes hours to complete; I have plenty of time. And I’m motivated. (See #5.) 2. I’m playing not one, but four, Scrabble games via Facebook. […]

  • A Cheesy Danish Fairy Tale

    A Cheesy Danish Fairy Tale

    Here is my entry for Travelocity’s Roaming Gnome contest.  Open the link, register with your email (no harm will come to you), watch it, weep, chuckle, and vote for me.  The prize: a trip around the world. Vote daily through October 27, please and thanks.

  • Permission to be Nosy

    Permission to be Nosy

    [Another tale told for pay. Visit International Living to sign up for “Fund Your Life” e-newsletters or to subscribe to their magazine.-KH] Editor’s Note: The perks to being a travel writer are many and we’ve covered them in detail in this e-letter. But something we’ve seldom touched on is the perk that Kristin considers the most […]

  • Starting with the Stomach

    Starting with the Stomach

    There’s no good place to start when writing after a pause of several months and a transition from our latest spell in Spain to our current life in the Homeland. But eating and decision-making are always in play, so here I begin. This is an actual, real-time inventory of sweets in the Council Bluffs kitchen: […]