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Sonnet 4: Brubeck’s Gone

Brubeck’s gone now or missing _ a beat Brief as any backward glance _ disguised With inhaled pause words like ‘Oui’ _ replete As a thought caught, considered _ surmised.   Riding an updraft in five _ four time Like a finch that bobs and floats _ between Nine quick wingbeats, a suspense _ sublime […]

Sonnet 3: Wind

As furious as your moods, the dry wind Blasts through bones of the hillside home it shakes, Finds chinks, slams doors, slaps the raw façade thinned By anticipation of drought or quakes. Out of the nowhere, clouds picking up dust Scatter debris from some previous lives, Spinning blame across the field, fragments thrust Like hail, […]

Sonnet 2, Camino Expectations

The click of walking sticks on gravel roads With crunchy boot steps and determined strides, A meditative cadence, balanced load; New landscapes painting the absence inside. What message in eagles, staid pairs on limbs, In rocks, cows, and songbirds leading the way, In storied arroyos and hot, mad winds, In tree shapes and harvested grapes […]