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  • Take a Walk in Yeats Country

    Take a Walk in Yeats Country

    We returned to Sligo, the town and the county, to recall the poetry of W.B. Yeats, to walk the area, and to take photos. By good luck and some poking around, we ended up having dinner with a local couple, Damien and Paula, who regularly host Yeats Evenings of fine food, great conversation, and the […]

  • Today’s Close-up: Wicklow Gap, Ireland

    Do you recognize the scenery? After much racking of brain and tearing out of hair, we discovered the movie that was filmed here at Wicklow Gap. Drum roll…with Matthew McConaughey…2002…Reign of Fire!* Ha, I’d never heard of it either. In fact, Wicklow Gap is gorgeous and was the route through the mountains from the central […]