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Freefalling from One Book to Another

How do you choose which book to read next? I’ve noticed some fine threads that take me from one book to another, and lately the choices haven’t been determined by my book group’s selection. Well, that’s not true. A couple months ago I read Louise Erdrich’s The Round House because my book club was reading […]

Paper Darts Magazine

  I’m belatedly discovering the art and lit magazine, Paper Darts.  This is certainly a function of being out of touch with the Minneapolis/St. Paul scene, which is forever active and evolving. I’ve yet to see a printed version, but have ordered the back issues for download, from the Store heading on the site. Today’s reading […]


That morning, the train whistle sounded like the strum of a guitar. A soft strum, now and again, without rhythm but tuneful. That was the same day he killed a dead man. He’d limped along the parade route, stopping here and there but never finding the perfect viewing place. Sometimes he stopped among old men […]