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5 Reasons to Take a River Cruise with Scenic Cruises

I’m the person who wants to win a European Scenic River Cruise for two and not take my husband. There’s someone else I have in mind. My friend, Kit, is my age, 60. For several years she’s been suggesting–sometimes gently, sometimes urgently–that those of us in book group together ought to celebrate our sixtieth birthdays […]

Send us to Nicaragua with International Living

The International Living contest for a test-drive month in Granada, Nicaragua, is underway.  We found out earlier this week that we are among the 20 finalists, after submitting a video under three minutes.  Our goofy little video describes why we’d be a great choice for the ‘test-drive’ retirement in Nicaragua:  We’ll honor your vote with […]

A Cheesy Danish Fairy Tale

Here is my entry for Travelocity’s Roaming Gnome contest.  Open the link, register with your email (no harm will come to you), watch it, weep, chuckle, and vote for me.  The prize: a trip around the world. Vote daily through October 27, please and thanks. http://gnomenabbed.travelocity.com/?v=04B6DA98-9642-4BAD-A489-59E162F3BD42