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  • Flashback to Chile

    The story below is an original version of my travel story that ran in the March 2012 issue of International Living Magazine. Although we’ve detoured since this was written, we hope to return to South America before long. We enjoyed Chile top to bottom, from the Atacama desert to Patagonia, from the coast to the […]

  • The So-Called Routine of a Traveler

    Santa Cruz, Chile March 2011 You asked and I didn’t exactly answer, because it’s hard to describe our daily routines when there’s so little pattern.  Our routines are quirky and depend on where we are, and for how long. But even as vagabonds, we have developed a rhythm. We wake and read, read and have […]

  • Japan’s Tsunami from Chilean Shores

    Concón, Chile March 11, 2011 While Tom has been online, I’ve been complaining over here in the corner. Only one plug for the internet connection means we can’t stay tuned to the world news simultaneously. I hate being the last to know what’s going on. And it’s a big news day following the earthquake and […]

  • F27

            We’ll wear the Quipo strings as a necklace, Every knot and bead, incision in clay An account of your life, emblems of your Character tied in every knot.   Like Chilean miners drawn from the grave, Survivors mark the date with candles on dark waters, Like us, bobbing at random, nothing […]