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Freefalling from One Book to Another

How do you choose which book to read next? I’ve noticed some fine threads that take me from one book to another, and lately the choices haven’t been determined by my book group’s selection. Well, that’s not true. A couple months ago I read Louise Erdrich’s The Round House because my book club was reading […]

Eleven Sure Signs I’m (still) in Council Bluffs, Iowa

Or, how I pass my time in the family home of my S.O. 1. I’m entering every damn contest I come across…especially if it involves travel. No worries if the entry takes hours to complete; I have plenty of time. And I’m motivated. (See #5.) 2. I’m playing not one, but four, Scrabble games via Facebook. […]

Permission to be Nosy

[Another tale told for pay. Visit International Living to sign up for “Fund Your Life” e-newsletters or to subscribe to their magazine.-KH] Editor’s Note: The perks to being a travel writer are many and we’ve covered them in detail in this e-letter. But something we’ve seldom touched on is the perk that Kristin considers the most […]

Food Finds on the Costa Cálida

In a region of Spain where many of the cafes are specifically by and for the British tourists and expats, we’ve made a point to seek out some extraordinary and authentic restaurants in this region of Murcia. Mazarrón, in the southeast corner of Spain, is not known for its cuisine – although it is for […]

Three Days in Valencia

The start date for our house-sitting in Mazarrón, Spain, was delayed. So we spent an additional night in Madrid and then three days in Valencia before heading south from Valencia to the province of Murcia to meet our new house mates. This set of pictures were taken on Pascua Lunes in Valencia, actually the Monday […]