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  • 10 Things I’ve Learned from Traveling (with my husband of 34 years)

    1. The morning is for people who have someplace to go. The afternoon is for wandering around aimlessly, long lunches, reading, or napping. Do what you need to do in the morning or you’ll never get it done. If you arrive at a bank or office after hours, you can be sure it won’t open […]

  • The So-Called Routine of a Traveler

    Santa Cruz, Chile March 2011 You asked and I didn’t exactly answer, because it’s hard to describe our daily routines when there’s so little pattern.  Our routines are quirky and depend on where we are, and for how long. But even as vagabonds, we have developed a rhythm. We wake and read, read and have […]

  • Tales of Relocation

    Quito, Ecuador October 2010 Arriving Ecuador doesn’t have a game face for tourists.  Visitors from the States generally arrive late at night, pursued by tales of how dangerous Quito is and how tricky the airport landings can be. These are not tall tales. By the time we go through customs, in a room not much […]