Month: May 2013

  • Black Orchid of Belize

    Black Orchid of Belize

    The black orchid blossoms are so small, at first glance I thought they were spent. Barely bigger than my thumbnail, these show a deep maroon color. We’re in a hotel of the same name. The Black Orchid Resort is about a half hour from Belize City and lies along the Belize river.  These flowers were […]

  • Send us to Nicaragua with International Living

    Send us to Nicaragua with International Living

    The International Living contest for a test-drive month in Granada, Nicaragua, is underway.  We found out earlier this week that we are among the 20 finalists, after submitting a video under three minutes.  Our goofy little video describes why we’d be a great choice for the ‘test-drive’ retirement in Nicaragua:  We’ll honor your vote with […]