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Mary Oliver poem for today: Walking to Oak-Head Pond, and Thinking of the Ponds I Will Visit in the Next Days and Weeks

  by Mary Oliver What is so utterly invisible as tomorrow? Not love, not the wind, not the inside of stone. Not anything. And yet, how often I’m fooled- I’m wading along in the sunlight- and I’m sure I can see the fields and the ponds shining days ahead- I can see the light spilling […]

Crema de Limón (Lemon Cream Recipe)

Our first visit to the town of Santander (capitol of Cantabria, Spain) was a quick one. Parking the 4×4 truck in an underground parking garage proved to be the biggest adventure, since we couldn’t bend the vehicle through the ramps. But once we stashed the car, we walked through the great Mercado de la Esperanza, […]

Sensing the Season

I’ve seen pictures that remind me of Christmas back home. Decorated trees and holiday party pictures show up on Facebook. Retail catalogs appear in my seasonally active inbox, where shopping sometimes happens. The home in Newtown, CT, was dressed with garlands and bows. Scenes of snow falling on branches, dogs bounding through snowy yards, and […]

Once in a Lifetime, This is My Beautiful House

If you stop to think about it, moving into someone’s house for an extended amount of time and taking over the care and feeding of their animals, plants, house and garden while said owners are out of the country could be asking for trouble. Fortunately, we don’t give too much advance thought to these things. […]

Backtrack to Harlan County

On our road trip in August, we enjoyed driving through Kentucky.  Fans of the TV series, “Justified,” with Timothy Olyphant, will identify with this photo.   I think of the 1976 doucmentary, “Harlan County, USA.” Either way, it was a worthwhile stop for lunch and the county museum.