Month: May 2012

  • The Mazarrón Haiku

    1. Four lucky dogs live Because she rescued them and No one’s shot them yet.   2. Neighbors hate the dogs Who bark at neighbors’ talking And at cats stalking.   3. Cigarette smoke dwells On dog hair, broken hardware, Windblown doors, gnawed bones.   4. In Mazarrón, wind Climbs the dusty roads, spreading Chalk […]

  • House-Sitting, Take One (Dog-Sitting, Take Four)

    House-Sitting, Take One (Dog-Sitting, Take Four)

    Traveling is easy. It’s stopping at a place like this that can drive you crazy. The plan was to follow up our intensive and somewhat expensive traveling time in Australia and Southeast Asia with a few months in one place, rent free, in exchange for house and pet sitting responsibilities. Tom and I found just […]