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Border Crossing: From Switzerland to Italy

Italy, November 28, 2014 For almost a week we’ve been in Switzerland, riding first class trains through heritage cities, art cities, historic viaducts and tunnels, alpine glaciers, and mountain resorts. In every case, the conductors greet us soon after departure, check our tickets, and make sure we know where to disembark or change for our […]


  • BELGIUM (April 22, 2014) Just ten days into a three-month trip across Northern and Eastern Europe. At least that's the plan until we decide otherwise. Belgium is fascinating, a place where we've connected with family who served in the wars here, and a place brimming with contemporary art and attitude. #
  • COUNCIL BLUFFS, IA (February 25, 2014) Wherein we find ourselves in limbo for a while, supporting my 88-year-old mother-in-law in her decisions about home care and/or a move. Side trips to Minneapolis remind us we just aren't that fond of snow and extreme cold any more. A side trip to Napa, CA, reminds us we still love food, wine, and walks in temperate weather. #
  • MADRID, SPAIN (November 13, 2013)  Madrid is in the midst of  a street cleaners' strike (that includes garbage pick-up). Central Madrid is not the place to be these days, though apparently the Catalans are laughing. To think we were in squeaky clean Japan just a couple weeks ago! Although the garbage piles up, headlines here focus on the unimaginable storm aftermath in the Philippines. #

Welcome to HMS Henning

HMSHenning is dry-docked, if you will, though the crew is still working hard. 2015 started in Israel, Jordan and Egypt. We've toured Spain and Southern France this spring and summer on the worthy vessels of Viking River Cruises and Eurail. Please follow along at TravelPast50.com for the latest.