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Stockholm and Art by Bike

I had a great day tooling around Stockholm on a city rental bike, and wrote about the day here, for Travel Past 50. I ran across many cool little sites that weren’t mentioned on my audio guide. Here are a couple of favorite sculptures (Stockholm has a great variety of outdoor art), with info I […]

Public Art in Prague

While I search for the artist information for this sculpture, I’ll post it here in hopes someone can help identify it. This was photographed in Prague in November, 2013. A nearby gallery may have been exhibiting work by the same artist. This embarrassing lack of detail is a great reminder to myself to take better […]

Lean On Me

Driving through the fields behind Grand Lake, near Rockville and Cold Spring, Minnesota, we stumbled on this hamlet of twig houses. You can walk through and amongst them. “Lean on Me” houses woven of willow and ironwood, in the arboretum of St. John’s University, Collegeville, MN.    


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