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Border Crossing: From Switzerland to Italy

Italy, November 28, 2014 For almost a week we’ve been in Switzerland, riding first class trains through heritage cities, art cities, historic viaducts and tunnels, alpine glaciers, and mountain resorts. In every case, the conductors greet us soon after departure, check our tickets, and make sure we know where to disembark or change for our […]

Photo Highlights of Belgium Road Trip

Another 90 days in Europe draws to a close, and as we poke around Warsaw, Poland, readying to fly back to the U.S., our time in Belgium seems like another trip entirely. It was a trip unto itself, as we rented a car and made a road trip out of it. One goal was to […]

Stockholm and Art by Bike

I had a great day tooling around Stockholm on a city rental bike, and wrote about the day here, for Travel Past 50. I ran across many cool little sites that weren’t mentioned on my audio guide. Here are a couple of favorite sculptures (Stockholm has a great variety of outdoor art), with info I […]

Gardening on Mother’s Day, and other Travels with Mom

My mother was very well organized, and we all knew what that meant on Mother’s Day. Plant the garden. Never, the rule went, plant before Mother’s Day because, sure as shootin’, if you did, you’d lose all those fragile young plants to an overnight freeze. This was St. Cloud, Minnesota, after all, and both my […]

Visiting My Uncle’s Grave: Ardennes American Cemetery

There are graves of unknown soldiers, and then there are graves of identified soldiers unknown to the next generation of their families. I never met my mother’s brother, “Pete” John L. Cary. As far as I know, no one in the family has ever visited his grave in the Ardennes American Cemetery near Liége, Belgium. […]


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