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Visiting My Uncle’s Grave: Ardennes American Cemetery

There are graves of unknown soldiers, and then there are graves of identified soldiers unknown to the next generation of their families. I never met my mother’s brother, “Pete” John L. Cary. As far as I know, no one in the family has ever visited his grave in the Ardennes American Cemetery near LiĆ©ge, Belgium. […]

Travel Contests Not for Everyone

Friends ask me why (on earth!) I enter to win trips to places all over the world, when I’m already a world traveler. Right now I’m in the running for an 8-day river/canal cruise in Europe from Emerald Waterways, a week in Australia from Virgin Australia airlines and Tourism Australia, and a week in Mexico […]

Public Art in Prague

While I search for the artist information for this sculpture, I’ll post it here in hopes someone can help identify it. This was photographed in Prague in November, 2013. A nearby gallery may have been exhibiting work by the same artist. This embarrassing lack of detail is a great reminder to myself to take better […]


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