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Flashback to Chile

The story below is an original version of my travel story that ran in the March 2012 issue of International Living Magazine. Although we’ve detoured since this was written, we hope to return to South America before long. We enjoyed Chile top to bottom, from the Atacama desert to Patagonia, from the coast to the […]

Recipes from Cooking Class in Hoi An, Vietnam

Hoi An, Vietnam, is known for its food. In a country that has outrageously good food from top to bottom (my round-up of Vietnamese cuisine is here), the singling out of Hoi An prompted us to sign up for a cooking class there. Our class was at the tiny restaurant, Huu Nghi, whose name translates […]

On Being an American Tourist in Vietnam

Note: A copy of this post has been added to our travel blog, TravelPast50.com. Visit Travel Past 50 for more travel tips, stories and photos based on our travels from 2010 to present. It’s called the American War, not the Vietnam War. It’s Ho Chi Minh City, not Saigon. It was the Museum of American […]


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